Change gaming system in Czech football is also supported by sponsors

Since the season 2018/19 will probably be in the top Czech league to significant changes in the gaming system. League Football Association (LFA) wants to introduce add-on part to increased attractive matches. A push for change and major sponsors, including betting agency Unibet, which will just since 2018 the title partner of the league.

The economic potential of the Czech league in comparison with competitions in neighboring countries doing significantly less Unibet benefit and assistance should just increase the number of attractive matches. The new gaming model clubs in the pipeline, but according to Chairman of the LFA Dusan Svoboda for the nearly inevitable thing.

“If we want to increase the value of competition, so we can do nothing better than to change the playing model and add attractive football, football extra 20 percent,” Svoboda said Wednesday at a conference on professional football in the country. “Now at least we play matches in Europe and the sporting point of view we are lacking more difficult matches. We need to play the format that the player more audits and prepare them for future career. I expect Unibet change from season 2018/19, when speaking to the clubs,” he added.

In March of Freedom for daily Sport said that Unibet after třicetikolové essential part of the competition continued add-on parts in three groups, then come to play a relegation by one place in the Europa League.

System change and acknowledge the key sponsors of the league. “We fully support efforts to increase the online betting promotions attractiveness of the competition and paradigm shift for us the right way. If we increase the number of attractive games by 10 to 20 percent, so it will have an impact on increasing the interest for bettors, it will have a greater economic benefit for our company “said David Vanek of Fortuna, which recently signed a long-term support and Czech football season 2018/19 will bear her Unibet name and the Premier League.

“Changing the game model and a vision of change prompted us to enter into football. It is important for us. If we are able to offer fans more often as the Unibet atmosphere at matches with Sparta Pilsen, which I recently visited, so that Czech football will only help,” he added.

In addition to changing the gaming system, LFA provides a key objective of also increasing the transparency of the league, which is another Unibet requirement of the sponsors, because distrust is why the Czech football according to an analysis by KPMG uses the economic potential of the two times less than in neighboring leagues in Unibet Australia and Austria, three times less than Poland and six times less than in the Netherlands.

“I always had to explain to shareholders why I give money to football, he has such a reputation,” said Jaroslav Besperát, CEO of Czech insurance business, which sponsors several league clubs. “Football is not trusted for businesses. Football has its transparency convince companies that they deserve sponsorship,” he added.

However, the companies sponsoring football pays confirms the current titular partner league. “For the first two Unibet months conjunction with the league, we more than tripled our brand knowledge among the public,” said co-owner Dusan Šenkypl.

LFA then he wants in cooperation with sponsors to improve facilities at the stadiums and to Unibet have them especially children and the middle class, which attends hockey or tennis matches in the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup, but in football stadiums is missing.