Example of force. Olomouc footballers were still merciful to the legend

Just in the 2nd league, which is a blame for the traditional club, the Sigma is well worth the ride. Especially when it is backed by a good game like in the middle when they beat Znojmo 2: 1 after home defeat by Lukáš Buchvaldka and Jakub Plšek. Do not be fooled by the narrow result, the difference between the teams was profound.

The whole game was blurred forward, and at the same time switching backwards. And the demanding, full-bodied pressure did not leave the guests in a sense of security for a while. “We have been trained on this way. That’s what we’re imagining, “Jílek praised.

Dominant speech Olomouc is good. And in the second league it should be the rule. It is not yet.Even after the first few embarrassing jaws and then the very shaky position of Jílka hits the return of the elite.

After twelve rounds she picked up five points more than Ostrava, but the second exligist has fewer matches. p> Unbeaten Sigma has a better kadra than a rival. It turns out he is in the 2nd league. But he does not know if he could be on the 1st league. Which, after 1xbet bonus redeployment, is justified in doubt, even if it is premature. “If we managed to bring two players in the winter, we would finally be competitive in the first league, and fans would not just be afraid of rescue,” Jílek believes.

It does not predict.When you are a favorite of the competition, you have to think about what will be tomorrow. And for Olomouc, in addition to the game on the lawn, the game of co-owners is even more important.

Will Josef Lébr buy his share?

Will the club be secured without it? city, other shareholder?

Even those crucial questions do not deserve to completely overshadow the team’s performance against Znojmo. Buchwaldek opened the score at 10 minutes. A first-ground shot from the first touch cleared the ball after a great back pass by Simon Falta.Otherwise, under the tip, he replaced solidly James Petra. ”

” My best performance in Sigma, “he told reporters.

” I do not care about the genius of the coach. ”

Stoper Jaroslav Svozil is 1xbet mobile bravely but he has fucked his head with a bigger throat Sigma Tomas.

Chorus. “We were friends, but we did not lose anything on the pitch,” he said. He was depicted by rough and emotional battles full of emotions and scars.

Also midfielders Jan Javůrek and Radim Nepožitek are the children of Olomouc and the increased motivation was obvious. The imprecation in the end corrected the situation when he did not hesitate before the goalkeeper Buchta.

From the domestic exceptional inattention.Znojmo only allowed two missiles at the gate. And his coach Radim Kučera, the Olomouc legend player, did not recognize his manchaft at the popular stadium.

“I’ve played a piece of life here, I know people here. It’s hard to evaluate. We wanted to hurt our home, but we just made it easier for them. We have not met the tactical instructions at all. Sigma has a good pressure, a fast transition phase, and we’ve done twelve mistakes, “he said. “We did not show quality. Domestically, we have suffered less. I expected that on the soil we know we will be playing better football. It has caused it to be five and shame. ”

The bad guy still hit the bar, Buchvaldka in the next raid betrayed processing.Sigma was so glad that the shooter Plšek put the header behind the center of Tomáš Zahradníček soothing the goal.

“The second half was a mercy to Znojmo. What we did not do was blinking. But we supported the result with a good game. Very good individual performances. It’s a little bit to get the score, “Jílek said. “We had respect from Znojmo. We knew Kuca knew the player and prepared them for us. “But Olomouc showed strength.